And who are suffering the most?


10 responses to “And who are suffering the most?

  1. Such intense looks on their beautiful faces. I just want to make them smile.I love your work and your talent. 🙂 Have a fabulous day.

    • These kids really suffer!! But we are looking for ways to uplift this community and make them smile! And thanks for your very kind comments. I love your posts, Doraz

  2. okay i’ve perused your blog. it seems youve just started it so i dont have much info to go on. i have some questions. first of all, where in the world are you? how long have you been an artist? will you be starting an About Me page so we can learn about you and your technique? also i am curious about your subjects and their lives. nice art! oh and, what inspires you?

    • Started only a week ago and learning about blogging. I had a look at your blog and I can see that I can learn a lot from you! I will be watching you.
      I am in Strand ( in Beach Road ) in the Western Cape of South Africa and about 30 kilometers from Cape Town. The About Me Page will come a bit later. I am an ex-architect and now doing 3D visualizations of buildings, interiors, etc.
      Thanks Lynn for your kind comment about my art! And thanks for looking at my stuff!
      For a long time I searched and experimented doing digital sketches and I recently started doing these sketches this way. I am preparing these for a website/blog and music video for our church to get funds to build a community centre in the Sir Lowry’s Pass Village. They are a very poor and struggling community – most of them live in shacks ( Aids, murders, gangs, rapes, violence, drugs, alcohol, hunger, etc. ) God loved me first and that is why I am doing what I can to help these people. Jesus, and the struggling and neglected people inspires me. I enjoy it even when I am working through these poor towns and in this case with an ex-gang member as a guide.
      I’ love to do that full time! Maybe one day…..
      Have a great day!

      • your reply was very informative. your art is beautiful and what youre doing is for all the right reasons in my opinion.

        thanks for the nice words about my blog but if i were you, i wouldnt look too closely at it for guidance in blogging. mine is just superficial and i occasionally color outside the lines of what society usually perceives as normal. 🙂 you, on the other hand have got something special it seems. great art! happy blogging and i’ll see you around the the cybersphere jan!

      • Lynn, Thank you for your very kind comments. I really appreciate it.
        I am just not yet blogging about my superficial and abnormal stuff – just you wait. But in the meantime I am learning from all of you.
        I am getting quite a few referrals from your blog. And thanks for that!!
        Yes we will meet again.
        All the best to you.

  3. What a wonderful look all of these have..I”m glad you stopped by so now I can come over and check out your work…Thank You

  4. Thank you for the comment!

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