Outside her shack, this mother is preparing a meal for her family.
These people are really struggling to make ends meet.


22 responses to “Struggling!

  1. She has such a look on her face that expresses her love for her family. I like it! 🙂 Have a fun Friday. 🙂

  2. wow. that is crazy good…

  3. I plan on catching up on a lot of things! lol 🙂 Have fun!

  4. Hi, just to drop by and say “nice work you have!” 🙂

  5. She IS struggling but she also seems to be enjoying life… Another great sketch!

    • Yes, struggling but I must take a photograph of her and when I bring their printed photos, she smiles from ear to ear! Thanks for your kind comment.

  6. These are amazing, Jan. I had a look through your whole blog…you are very talented:)

  7. Amazing work you have here, very well done, Jan 🙂

  8. What a nice blog and artwork you have! I’ve enjoyed looking at it. I wouldn’t have known about it if you didn’t comment on my own work! 🙂

    Best wishes to you! Lorrie

  9. Love your work and topics. Like Lorrie I wouldn’t have known about you if you hadn’t of commented, but I want to add you to my ever growing blogroll.


    • Thank you Cate for your very kind comments. And I am glad you like what I do.
      You are going to be on my blogroll as well because I like what you do on your blog!
      Everything of the best to you!!

  10. She is poor and loaded with responsabilities for her family, but I also see that in a certain way she’s happy to be able to cook for her family. Great work!

  11. You really captured a feeling and a story here. Beautiful work! I’m sorry that your area has so much poverty it is so sad. It’s great that you are there making a difference.

    • Thanks! And ironic enough some of the richest people in South Africa are living here in a town within a few kilometers from Sir Lowry’s Pass Village. And there are wine farms around the village. Have a great day Starla.

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