Washing the dishes

A woman busy washing the dishes in the backyard of her shack in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village. It was cold and now and then it was raining. Yet she was still smiling.


4 responses to “Washing the dishes

  1. This is a lovely lesson for me to recall when I am scowling through my housework, Jan. I could be washing my dishes outside! Beautiful image.

    • Hi Leslie, Thank you for your kind comment. When it is cold and raining outside, maybe it is better to wash the dishes inside!
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. It’s incredible to see that people in much better circumstances can’t smile or be happy and that people like this woman can smile. Nice work!

    • How true! When you walk down the streets of this very, very poor village you see much more friendly
      and smiling faces than in the “rich” areas.
      And thanks for your kind comment!

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