Just a part of life…..

Six bullet holes in a window next to the front door!
It is part of life in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village.


10 responses to “Just a part of life…..

  1. I’m thankful for my surroundings and that I don’t have to face something like this, daily, Jan. You succeeded in making those bullet holes dark enough to have impact doesn’t look like pebble or rock holes. Sad.

  2. A life I do not wish for anyone to have to live.

  3. Wow, this is a dramatic picture. I love the texture of the broken glass, the peeling wood and that blue door!

    • I came around a corner and then I was faced with this. Blam! And I thought that it can happen at any time. It didn’t.
      Thanks Carol for your kind comment!

  4. Hi Jan!

    I really love your style, very artistic and inspiring. This is a powerful picture, sad and beautiful at the same time…


    • Hi, Thank you for your very kind comments!! Yes, that picture is very in your face and you cannot ignore the impact on you the
      moment you come across something like that. I will never forget it. Enjoy the rest of your week. And thanks for looking in.

  5. Very nice sketch. It feels as if you’re right there.

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