Window 2

Well, at least it is colorful !


18 responses to “Window 2

  1. Love what you did with this picture, very graphic!

  2. Well, Hi, stranger! Thank-you for popping over my way and letting me know you are back.
    This piece is so interesting as well as wonderfully composed. I really am drawn to your color choices and how you drew attention to the window with the linework and placement. Windows and doors are some of my favorite subjects to view and this is so unique compared to others I’ve seen.

  3. Hi Leslie! Thanks! And thank you for your very kind comments! I agree with you about the windows and doors, but for me rocks are still no 1 !. Have a great week.

  4. are these discards as well? i love the colors and the shadows – what detail!

  5. What a beautiful window in what looks to me to be a slightly decaying building. Love the colors and the details.

    • If you have nothing this is what your shack or house can look like.
      They take what they can get for free and try to build a house with that.
      We’ve got a lot to be thankful for!
      And thanks for your comment, Carol.

  6. This is a very inspiring image! It certainly is colourful and the composition is very effective. I love the way you manage to give soul and character to what many people would probably see as soulless, since it’s not tweely done up! I think if this is someone’s home and they’ve lived in it long enough to get used to it and love it, then it’s got to have soul!

    • Thank you very much for your kind comments. Yes it is somebody’s home and this one is a bedroom window. Even when the wind blows through the cracks of the shack and when the rains come in the winter you stand in water inside, it is still a home with soul.

  7. I really like this image, nice colors. A beautiful window!

  8. I like the colors and composition of this one a lot! You have some wonderful work on your site.

  9. This one also caught my attention. They’re so unique, I’d be interested to learn more about your work and how you produce these remarkable illustrations. I’m off for a good look around your blog. Brilliant!

  10. Those individual window panes are very intriguing–and mysterious.

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