Cape Town Harbour

A digital sketch of the harbour of Cape Town looking from the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

Cape Town Harbour - click on the image to open


16 responses to “Cape Town Harbour

  1. Ohh, that is beautiful, Jan. Love the colours in particular, they remind me a little of a stained glass window. And the ocean looks like a mirror… Very beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Jan, and the same to you. I’m glad you’re posting again. 🙂

  3. I love how you turned this into a revelry of color! Very different!!! Light on water, perfectly blinds me!

    • Thank you, Leslie!!! It is about time I do something different or what?
      I must say I really enjoyed working on this one! Thanks again and enjoy your weekend.

  4. Very beautiful work, Jan, makes me think of a jewelries mosaic.

  5. This is very beautiful, Jan. I like the colors and mosaic images. Very nice!

  6. What beautiful colors on the shoreline. And the black lines in the water give it just enough movement. Really a very lovely piece.

  7. I want to swim in that water! So inviting.

  8. I really like this one!

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