Dune across the street, Strand

My attempt at a watercolor effect.
It is the dune across the street from where I live.

DUNE ACROSS THE STREET - click on the image to open

On DUNE 2 on the right is the Strand Pavillion and the Swimming Pool, looking out over False Bay. And in the distance, under a blanket of clouds, is Table Mountain.

DUNE 2 - click on the image to open

On DUNE 3 on the left the mountain behind Gordon’s Bay can be seen.

DUNE 3 - click on the image to open


24 responses to “Dune across the street, Strand

  1. Beautiful. I love the water peeking out from the other side! Makes me miss the ocean….

  2. Another very nice picture. Has a soothing effect. The white pathway leads you into the picture and the water.

  3. Thanks Binky! I really appreciate it. I must say I feel quite proud about the effect I got in this one.

  4. You know what, Jan? I just realize that your images are actually painting, or watercolor. I thought it was some photographs with some special treatment in photoshop. Wow! I’m even more impress!!!

    Love the soft tone. Makes me want to go back to Florida! šŸ™‚

    Have a great week!

  5. Anne, you just made my day!! I have been working for a long time on and off to achieve a watercolor effect and if it looks like watercolor to you, I am so glad. But, sorry to disappoint you, it is digital. I use my own photographs and some software and I sometimes “paint” with a G-pen on a Genius tablet. But I never use a brush. I did post it under Digital Sketch.
    And thank you for your very kind comments!!
    A great week to you too!

  6. The pictures you make are daring. I think not everybody can respect this, but my respect you have. And I’m sorry for the bad english.

    • Thank you, Tim, for your very kind comments – I really like the daring one!
      And there is nothing wrong with your English!
      I had a look at your blog and your great photographs. I must say I like it a lot and you are the daring one!
      And you are a very experienced blogger.
      All I can say is : Well done, Tim!!
      Of sal ek sĆŖ dat ek baie bly is dat jy na my prente kom kyk het en nou weet ek van jou ook! Ek is Afrikaans en is van Suid Afrika.

  7. You have really captured the “BRIGHTNESS” of that light in these, once again. Dazzling. Hung as a triptych on the wall, these would be such eyecatchers. Love em.

    • Thank you, Leslie, I really appreciate your very kind comments!!
      I must say I also feel good about them – my favorite is Dune 2.
      Thanks again – it is always good to hear from you.

      • Do you think you like the Dune 2 better because of the contrast of man-made shape to nature aspect or the shape of the composition? That is interesting. I sort of like each as a sequence and would like to view them all three together in a grouping so I could get the full effect. These are stunning.

      • Leslie, for me it is the composition and also the way the grasses came out in the second one – it is as if the ones on the right, especially, are on fire. And on hot days like today with the burning sand under your feet one can think that the next to burn, must be the grass!
        Fortunately the sea is cold.
        Thank you for your very kind comments! I appreciate them.

      • It is snowing here, again. Yesterday was a seven-incher. Such contrast round the world!

      • Yes. I was thinking while we were chatting on your blog, just now, that you are there and I am on the other side of the earth – you are painting snow scenes and I am thinking of the burning sand and burning grass! Yes, what a contrast! Enjoy the snow!

  8. There is something so–I don’t know the word–whimsical about these. I think Dune 2 is my favorite, too.

  9. I haven’t seen digital sketches like these before. I like them – maybe I will try that myself one of these days. šŸ™‚

    • Hi Mike, thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind comment! I had a look at your blog and I like your photographs. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  10. The Compulsive Writer

    These are beautiful! I always wished I could draw…or sing.. Neither I can do well at all (as my son pointed out yesterday when I was singing “She’s got Bette Davis Eyes” in the car). You have a gift. That is for sure!

    • Maybe you cannot draw or sing ( yet ), but you, Andie, are good with words, very good! And that is your gift.
      And thank you for your very kind comments and for looking at my stuff!
      I really appreciate it.

  11. Jan, I’m captured by your work. Very inventive, it’s nice to see something so different and unique, absolutely stunning. Must follow you more often.

  12. Hi Jan, I really like your watercolor dunes. I wish I could get similar effects with my watercolors. šŸ™‚ I especially like the effects of the foliage in the sand.

    I can’t believe these dunes are right across the street from you. I’m jealous.

    • Hi Carol, Thanks for your kind comments.
      Everyday the sea looks different and it is wonderful!
      Some people get used to the sea and don’t see it anymore – not me!
      Have a great week.

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