This painting is of a cart where the trader is selling these beautiful and colorful cloths. It is in front of the Gold Souk in the Dubai Mall.
It is one of the bigger malls in the world and it is the biggest in the Middle East. I spent a whole day walking through the more than 1200 shops! What an experience! At the end of the day I could not walk anymore and had to drag myself to my daughter’s SUV, when she came to pick me up.

Colors - please click on the image to open


17 responses to “Colors

  1. I love the architectural shapes and the colours…

  2. Hi Gail! Good to hear from you and thanks for the comment and your visit!!
    Have a great week.

  3. You must had been exhausted after all that walking, Jan!. I know I would have been.
    I’ve been admiring all the details you put in on the cart. I love it!

    • Yes, I was! On another day I walked six blocks outside in that sweltering heat ( 121 degrees F with high humidity ) and just before I collapsed, I hailed a taxi. He saved my life, because I had another 15 blocks or so to go! I was soaked with sweat and my face was burnt red like a tomato.
      My problem was that I wanted to see everything!
      Thank you Debbie, for your kind comment on the painting!

  4. Really beautiful. Makes me want to go to that side of the world 🙂

    • Thanks Julio!
      When you visit there during their summer, brace yourself, because it can go above 120 degrees F and the humidity is very high. It is as if you are in an oven – no jokes! But it is something to see!! I want to go back.

  5. Wow. I definitely like your brushstrokes in this one and how you captured the light on the pavement, Jan. Excellent and VERY PAINTERLY. Hard to tell that this is digital.

  6. I love the warm colors in this one, very nice!

  7. Definitely very colourful! The patterned brickwork is pleasing neutral compared to the colourful cart’s wares.

  8. I love the striped architecture and the vendor’s cart. If I dragged my husband to a mall with 1200 stores it would be his worst nightmare come true!

  9. Hi Carol!! Thank you!
    I had to see it, because everybody was talking about it – it was something to see!

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