Dubai Dhows 2

Dubai Dhows 2 - please click on image to open

Another painting of dhows and cargo on the Dubai Creek.


12 responses to “Dubai Dhows 2

  1. The green and blue are cool in the foreground yet the triangle’s apex is warm, a complex contradiction to the norm that shows great imagination and skill. The gesture of the man on the right brings alive the sound of conversation. You are truly talented.

    • Thank you, Keith, for your beautiful words!! I really appreciate them. You are not only an artist with your brushes and pens, you are an artist with your words!!
      Are you best buddies with your grandson yet?

  2. I really have to agree with Keith: I couldn’t have said it all better myself, Jan.
    Beautiful work!

  3. Another beauty. The whites are very striking here against the bright colors.

  4. You have found your style and your forte!!!!! These are full of energy and and “you”, Jan! I love everything you are putting forth. I can feel your joy in this way of digitally painting across all the miles! We painters could take tips from what you are brining forth with the landscapes with “people” in them!

    • Thank you Leslie!!!! You are right – this is what I truly enjoy!
      I’ve said it in the past and I will say it again – you are a star!!! You made me look at what I do and even how I am doing it. You cheered!! when I added “people” and there I started realizing how important it really is. So, thank you for encouraging me!!

  5. I like the subtle texture in the sky and ground in contrast to the detailed center part of the painting.

  6. I just discovered your blog and I love it! Beautiful work here! I first thought it was a “real” painting. I’m impressed!

    • Hi Cha!,
      I am sorry you only hear from me now, but I moved house and did not get to the business of blogging……
      Thank you for your visit as well as for your very kind words.
      I am glad you like it.

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