West Coast Wheatfields

Just a quick Hello! and to say that I am back and that I will look in on all my friends.

West Coast Wheatfields - please click on image to open


8 responses to “West Coast Wheatfields

  1. That not just an image, but a painting you did. It’s wonderful, Jan!
    Listen Jan, you have been sorely missed. It’s been ages, as it seems, since you’ve posted. Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Deb xx

  2. Hi Debbie! Thank you for your very kind words and I am glad somebody missed me! I also missed my friends!! Yes, it has been quite a while. We moved house – so it was quite hectic.
    But everything is going great now – thanks!!
    Everything of the best to you and your family.

  3. Hi Jane, nice to see your back! Love the mix of blue and yellow with a tiny line of green, very beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful painting of a simple scene, Jan! Most don’t realise how difficult this is to pull off with all the values needing to be worked into that field and sky. Beautiful!!!!

    Welcome back!

    • Thank you Leslie for your very kind words!! Yes, it is not so easy – the simple scenes!
      And thanks for the welcome back!
      Have a wonderful day,

  5. Yes, it’s been a long time!
    That’s a very nice, peaceful image. And a very nice balance between the sky and field.

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