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Boulders Beach 2

Another view of Boulders Beach.
I decided to paint this one a little lighter than the previous one of Boulders Beach.
Focus on the rocks and not one the lady in the bathing costume!

Boulders Beach 2 - please click on the image to open.

Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach - click on the image to open

2 Boulders with character

False Bay View

View from the parking area entrance to Boulders looking over False Bay ( Atlantic Ocean )

Boulders 4

A digital sketch of the boulders and the sea at Boulders, Simon’s Town.

Boulders 2

Another Boulders sketch.

I am still busy with 3D work and according to our one client there is more to come.
That is very good news.

But as a result of that I am not spending time blogging and that is not so good.

I’ll be back!

Boulders 1

I promised to also post about other stuff.

Here is a sketch of some boulders at Boulders just outside Simon’s Town near Cape Town, South Africa. Here is a beautiful rocky beach as well as an African Penguin Colony ( Cape Peninsula National Park ) It is one of the few places in the world where you can still swim amongst the penguins!
It is well worth a visit.

I will later post some more sketches of the boulders, the beach, etc.