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The Young Ones

These are some of the young people of Sir Lowry’s Pass Village.
The future of the Village!
Some were gang members and not proud of what they did, but they are turning their lives around, openly working passionately to tell everybody about Jesus and not ashamed to stand in a circle holding hands and to pray out loud!
Praise the Lord!


My name is Jan Hattingh.

I photograph people, places and other stuff and then create, sketch or paint from the photographs with a G-pen on a Genius tablet.

And I tackle all kinds of projects and will be posting about them and showing some of my sketches and paintings.

This is something that really inspires and motivates me.

The sketch of a mother and daughter is for the new Benaiah ( built by God ) Community Centre’s website and video for the support and upliftment of the people of Sir Lowry’s Pass Village in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Hope you enjoy the journey with me!

Whatever your need is, go to Jesus! ( Destined to Reign by Joseph Prince )