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Window 2

Well, at least it is colorful !


Benaiah Multi Purpose Centre Blog

We did now start a blog to get the project going. Please visit us there – it is only a small beginning, but expect more from us.

Just click on the 3D image above and you will be taken to our new blog.

Young mother-to-be 2, Sir Lowrey’s Pass Village

Sun City Playground

The small stream running through Sun City, the informal section of Sir Lowry’s Pass Village.

“…and here is where our little ones play”

Roaming the streets.

Young Woman

The Young Ones

These are some of the young people of Sir Lowry’s Pass Village.
The future of the Village!
Some were gang members and not proud of what they did, but they are turning their lives around, openly working passionately to tell everybody about Jesus and not ashamed to stand in a circle holding hands and to pray out loud!
Praise the Lord!

Just a part of life…..

Six bullet holes in a window next to the front door!
It is part of life in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village.

Couch on Rubbish Dump…….Ouch!

The woman who really loves to talk.