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West Coast National Park

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Window 2

Well, at least it is colorful !


Outside her shack, this mother is preparing a meal for her family.
These people are really struggling to make ends meet.

MoreĀ houses

Burnt out

This man and his family is living in a burnt out house next to a rubbish dump.

Big flip-flops!

She is sitting in front of her house. Her flip-flops is a little too big, but who is worried about a trivial thing like that?

Two little stars

Two hungry little stars at Auntie Fiela’s Soup Kitchen waiting for their meals.

Just sitting…..

Some people in the village are sitting and waiting for somebody or for something to happen. Others are just sittingā€¦..


Hoping for better days to come.
At the moment her family is struggling to survive.
Please pray for the desperate and hungry people all over the world !

More houses

I promised more sketches of the houses in Sir Lowry’s Pass.