Miller’s Point 2

Another painting of the sea just south of Miller’s Point.

Next week we are going to visit our children and grandchildren in Dubai. We are looking forward to it and cannot wait!
We will be away for 2 weeks.
It is very hot and humid there now, but we hope to survive!

Miller's Point 2 - please click on the image to open

8 responses to “Miller’s Point 2

  1. These are so interesting. They actually look like oil paintings, Jan. Do you use a brush tool with these? Do you use filters? I have very little understanding of digital art. Once again beautiful light and I can also sense a wind with the scene.
    Have a great visit. When it is too hot? I like to put my feet in a bucket of cold water. Stay cool! 🙂

    • Thank you Leslie! That was what I tried to achieve.. I use a digital pen and “paint” with digital “brushes”, but it is all digital, etc. And no filters.
      The temperatures in Dubai go over 104 degrees F and even as high as 122! And thanks for the tip to keep cool!

  2. Another very nice classic “oil” painting. I like the texture you achieved in the foreground bushes.

  3. Thank you, Binky, for your kind comment.
    I also like the way the bushes and grass came out.

  4. I am constantly amazed at what effects you achieve with your digital painting! My personal preference is the ones that look like watercolour paintings.

    Miller’s Point was one of my favourite places to spend weekends when I was a child. Looking at your paintings brought back a lot of lovely memories.

  5. Hi Lisa! Thank you for liking the stuff I do or try to do… Thanks for your comments.
    Yes, it is good to see the places from the past and let the good memories flow!
    About an hour ago the first rain of the 2 cold fronts started falling in Strand – I love the rain!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. I didn’t even know you were going on a trip. I missed this post somehow….hmmm. I love seascape, especially when they include rocks. The painting is lovely, Jan!

  7. Thank you Debbie for your kind comment!
    Yes, I also love the sea and the rocks!

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