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Clouds, Strand

Clouds - please click on the image to open


Dune across the street, Strand

My attempt at a watercolor effect.
It is the dune across the street from where I live.

DUNE ACROSS THE STREET - click on the image to open

On DUNE 2 on the right is the Strand Pavillion and the Swimming Pool, looking out over False Bay. And in the distance, under a blanket of clouds, is Table Mountain.

DUNE 2 - click on the image to open

On DUNE 3 on the left the mountain behind Gordon’s Bay can be seen.

DUNE 3 - click on the image to open

Low Tide 2

Some more rocks at low tide.

Low Tide

Hi everybody!!
I am back!!
I missed you all.

Kelp on Strand Beach 2

The Old Jetty 2, Strand Beach

Kelp on Strand Beach

The Old Jetty

The Old Jetty next to the Pavillion, Strand Beach.
Or what is still left of it!
You are not allowed on the jetty anymore, because it is too dangerous.